CubeSat Measurement of Atmospheric Density and Dust Profiles on Mars

Project Date: February 2018Collaborators: Nathalie Launder, Prince Steven AnnorMedia: NYUAD Students Win UAE Space Hackathon Description of Project: This project proposed a hypothetical CubeSat mission to study atmospheric density and dust profiles in the Martian lower atmosphere. Our team wrote and ran an Arduino code to collect data from on-board sensors. Colored lamps, heaters, andContinue reading “CubeSat Measurement of Atmospheric Density and Dust Profiles on Mars”

Investigating the Impact of Zero Gravity on Functional Muscle Movement

Project Date: Fall 2018Collaborator: Muhammad Rafay Ashfaq Project Description: The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) released a call for proposals for an experiment to be performed in Zero Gravity. My project proposed using Kinect skeleton tracking and electromyography sensors placed on the surface of the skin to measure muscle activity as my research partnerContinue reading “Investigating the Impact of Zero Gravity on Functional Muscle Movement”

Classification of UAE Traffic Sign Images Using Convolutional Neural Network

Project Date: November 2019Collaborators: Prince Steven Annor, Sampanna Bhattarai Description of Project: The goal of this project was to implement a convolutional neural network for classifying road signs in the United Arab Emirates. We supplemented existing traffic sign datasets with new images collected from the Abu Dhabi downtown area. A data augmentation library was usedContinue reading “Classification of UAE Traffic Sign Images Using Convolutional Neural Network”

Developing Embedded Control of CubeSat-Based Instrumentation

Project Date: Summer 2019Advisors: Scott Sewell, Andrew Carlile, Nicole Ela Description of Project: This project was completed during my LASP Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) in Solar and Space Physics, in which I completed a 10-week instrumentation engineering internship at the High Altitude Observatory of the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research in Boulder, Colorado.Continue reading “Developing Embedded Control of CubeSat-Based Instrumentation”

Design of a Flight Monitoring System for a Sounding Rocket

Project Date: Fall 2019Collaborators: Daniel Chirita, Febin Thapa Magar Description of Project: As part of the Student Programs for Aerospace Collaboration in the Emirates (SPACE) initiative, a team of students at New York University Abu Dhabi is developing a sounding rocket for entry in the SpacePort America Rocketry Competition held in Las Cruces, New MexicoContinue reading “Design of a Flight Monitoring System for a Sounding Rocket”

Collaborative Control Design for a Drone Swarm

Senior Engineering Design Capstone Project Project Date: August 2019 – PresentCollaborators: Prince Steven Annor, Sampanna BhattaraiFaculty Mentors: Dr. Anthony Tzes, Dr. Jeremy Teo Description of Project:Many industries, such as agriculture, search and rescue, environmental management, and defense, rely on autonomous systems to navigate and map unfamiliar environments. Historically, drone swarms, which consist of two orContinue reading “Collaborative Control Design for a Drone Swarm”